A fun way for your

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the alphabet !

Are you looking for a fun-filled, interactive way of teaching your toddlers to learn alphabets? Look no further and reach out to our mobile app, named “ABC for Kids With Animals”.

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Key Highlights

Key Highlights

Learning the Alphabet

Starting with touching the alphabets, the app teaches your child to learn and identify the alphabets. They get to learn to spell the alphabet with the help of the animal associated with a particular letter.

Writing the name

The higher module of the app teaches your beloved child to learn to write the names of the animals using a particular letter. Firstly, the letters come out in the correct order indicating a particular animal. Then, the letters are jumbled asking your kid to write the name of the animal using the shuffled letters. This module is aimed at enhancing the memory capability of your child while allowing him or her to learn the spellings of different animals.

Picking the animal

This module allows your child to match a particular letter with an animal. As soon as your child gets the right answer, the clapping sound in the app encourages the child for achieving the milestone.

DescriptionAbout out app

Children are known to share a special bond with the animals. When teaching is combined with something kids love, it only enhances their cognitive skills while boosting their overall memory. ABC With Animals is a revolutionary concept of presenting an innovative phonics & alphabet teaching mobile app that allows your kid to learn while having fun with cute images of animals. The app is available for young children learning alphabets –right from toddlers to preschoolers & kindergartens.

Don’t take our word for it

Using animals to teach children alphabets and phonics is a tried & tested method. Toddlers are known to respond well to animals with beautiful images and illustrative sounds to help them learn better and quickly. Our app utilizes the same concept to help your child interact interestingly with animals while making him or her smarter day by day.


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ABC With Animals is a kid-friendly app featuring interactive highlights to ensure maximum engagement of your kids. The colorful animal pictures help your toddler to learn English alphabets easily and with maximum fun. The mobile app also supports no free ads or third-party in-app purchases for maximum concentration of the kids. We promote a pure educational app!

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